Total Bans: 1993 (155 active)
  Date  Player Name  Admin  Reason  Length
05-20-2018  United States Player  Hidden  inconsistent file: ../sound/misc/dod_shellshock_ring.mp3   15 minutes
10-26-2011  Germany Animus|Support81  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
07-14-2011  United States datAzNguy  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
06-22-2011  Denmark FBI  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
06-12-2011  Dominican Republic godiee!  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
03-12-2011  United States KillingInTheNameOf  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
02-13-2011  Finland Nut Buster  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
01-14-2011  Slovakia PAL_DZO  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
11-21-2010  Sweden Ferdiard  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
11-13-2010  United States -=RH=-Col.Sanders  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
11-11-2010  Poland psychoone  Hidden  Bad, even with walls.   Permanent
10-17-2010  Canada Profiction  Hidden  Homosex via demo   Permanent
09-11-2010  United States Israel something something  Hidden  Wallhacking Via demo.   Permanent
09-05-2010  United States Roomshaker aka RL|Phishit  Hidden  Aimbot via demo.   Permanent
09-05-2010  United Kingdom Tex-Rex  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
08-22-2010  United States GuatemalanSpaceMystic  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
08-09-2010  Sweden EpicNoob  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
07-31-2010  United States Some fag from flawless  Hidden  Badplayer. via demo   Permanent
07-31-2010  Canada Biggie  Hidden  Baddie. Via demo   Permanent
07-25-2010  United States V**I**R**U**S  Hidden  Cheating/Hacking   Permanent
 Total Bans: 1993 (155 active)
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